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W6R2 complete

Hi. I've been reading the forum since I was looking for support for the 20 minute run in week 5, but this is my first post. Did the second run of week 6 yesterday. That was a lot harder than I was expecting, especially the 2nd 10-min run. It's really hard to know what pace to set on the treadmill, but the weather is too unpredictable right now to do every run outside. Tomorrow, first 25-min run outside.

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Hi Sarah,

I know what you mean about the treadmill and think that as well as not quite knowing what speed to set, it can be quite boring and you tend to watch the clock a lot. But it is good for rythmn

and stamina.

When you do your 25 min outside your speed may go up and down a bit depending on the terrain. Just like the 20 mins run though do start off slowly to leave yourself something in the tank.

You know you can do this...

Good luck. :)

You will feel brilliant afterwards.


Well done Sarah and you're not alone. A lot of people find week 6 surprisingly hard after w5r3 but you've done it! Everyone has their own pace on the treadmill so just set it where you feel comfortable. Slow is good, on the treadmill and outside. All the best for your 25 minute run!

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