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W3R2 Endorphins Released!

So those of you who have read my previous posts know what a wimp I am and how I'm doing 025k in the gym. I'm on an off peak membership which means I can only use it between 10 and 4. I try to go at 10 to get it out of the way but have done afternoons too when I have had to. Well today as I was working all day I decided to pay to go off peak so I can stick to my regime *sounds like she knows what she's talking about*.

Anyway on entering the car park there were loads of cars and I thought I cant face this if it's really busy. When I got into the gym my fave treadmill was available so on I hopped.

Well of course it was a completely different crowd of people, the "after work, lunch is for wimps" brigade. It was the guy who was running on the machine 4 over from me was going for it hammer and tongs. The machines face the windows, honestly I thought he was going to run off the machine and through the window! The he kept putting his feet either side of the treadmill whilst having a break. But it was the thud, thud, thud. I was actually quite scared, it was the first time since I've started that I felt intimidated. I did my 5 min warm up and then started running all I could hear was the banging noise from the other machine. Then I felt overcome with mad hysterical laughter I had to suppress the giggles I felt it definitely helped me get through the first 3 minute slot - great and then through the second three minute slot.

I need to remember that image now for Friday so when the pressure's on the inside laughter takes over 😂😂😂

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Well done Happywalker. I can just imagine what that was like.. Thud thud thud. 😀

Doesn't sound like one of us c25k folk..

slow, steady and light on your feet is our mantra...

Good for you for making time to get your running done.. you are doing really well.

Keep inwardly chuckling through run 3 :)

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We have a word for people like that, but it is not one suitable for repetition here.


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