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Help with Strava!

I felt pretty heavy last night due to a bit of muscle ache but it seemed to result in my best pace to date. I seemed to feel a bit unbalanced but my breathing was good :D Unfortunately, my Strava seemed to mess up a bit. My pace was good but it said I was only out for 14.50mins when the programme is 30.00mins. I did the same route as the last two, which had previously measured at 2.6km but this time it just said it was 2. It also hasn't matched the routes to give me a PB or anything. Does anyone else use Strava?

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Hi hannah, i use strava but im pretty rubbish with technology. Only thing i can think of is did you lose signal during your run? Mine dropped out for a bit last time i was out. Not much you can do about that i don't think...

Don't know why it hasnt matched your routes either...

Someone else might know.

Keep on running :)

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