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4 Weeks and counting.


Have finished 4 weeks and only fell off my diet once. Pigged out on a saturday but still managed to lose some weight (0.2 kg) for that week. Have now lost a total of six pounds. Walked for total of 9 hours last week, am regularly walking 2 hours at a time. If I lose another 8 pounds may even try out running (or in my case moving slightly faster than a walk). Lost all my stuff on this computer so have spent the last week rebuilding it so anybody out there talking to me sorry lost your contacts.

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Try to stop yourself pigging out! It's daft to sabatage yourself! Be tough with yourself. You can break these habits. They will see you back at square one.

If you have good eats in the house - which you should as you have planned to succeed - then there should be no need to pig out.

It's your health at the end of the day, so it's down to you

Thanks matron misswobble.....

I have to admit I do need a good telling off from time to time. Helps me keep on the straight and narrow, so you keep on at me girl...

By the way I have been looking at these fitbit etc devices are they any good for walkers or do you have to be a Seb Coe type person to get your moneys worth. Have just got my brothers old iphone (4). Still trying to figure how to use it but anybody know of the best app for it (a tracker or whatever)...

misswobbleGraduate in reply to cliffhilton1969

I think you can link fitbit up to the iphone, which I think my husband has done, or that was his plan anyway. Whether he has remains to be seen. He has the Fitbit charge which I got him for Christmas. There is the fitbit app which you can download to the smartphone (one assumes) and it should throw up all sorts of lovely graphics and challenges. It will track all your movements and even your sleep patterns apparently.

Move more is the mantra! Haul ass!

Thanks for the reply.....


You're welcome Cliff☺

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