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Week 6 Done - New Park Run near me, yay!


So, I didn't really believe I could do it when I set out this morning, but apart from the first five minutes (why do they feel so hard?) it was okay. I confess that when Laura suggested speeding up for the last minute I wasn't quite able to comply but as for the rest I seemed to settle into a rhythm (okay, very slow!) and just kept on going. This C25K really makes you surprise yourself with what you can achieve. If you'd told me six weeks ago that I could run for 25 minutes I'd have laughed my socks off.

Laura says I am a runner now, and I have to admit to checking out Park Run in anticipation of graduation. My nearest was in Maidstone but this week a brand new Park run is starting in Sittingbourne, much closer for me. It's almost as if the universe is telling me that I am meant to do it! Lol

Onwards to week 7 .........

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You're making great progress and the new parkrun is definitely a sign ☺

Keep at it!!!

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