Manchester winter 10k - here I come !!

I have my first 10k race on Sunday - the Manchester winter series run at the Etihad stadium. Just been for a short run (when exactly did a 2 mile run become short), my last one before Sunday ?? I have followed my training plan since November and managed not to too distracted by Christmas and a foreign holiday !! Time now for some major indecision about what to wear, what else I should take with me and how much I can manage to eat on the way there !! Good luck to Sazzle and Givman who are also running on Sunday.

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  • Very exciting! - I' m sure it will be fab! Good luck to all of you!☺

  • Woo Hoo , Hot t' trot !

    Good Luck Girly, we are all rootin' for you all , the 3 C25k Musketeers !

    Do you have porridge ? I had some a couple of hours before the GMR and then a banana about an hour before , plus I took some water and jelly babies in my bum bag.

    What to wear is a bit trickier. I wore my vest top in my last run in November, because I get so hot when Im running, but you need a warm top after youve finished .

    Good Luck , really looking forward to your write up and photos ! :-) xxx

  • Ooh good luck! And to Sazzle and Givman too! Reckon you'll do great :)

  • I did the London Winter Run this year it was brilliant. Well organised and such a good atmosphere. You've made a great choice for your first run. I agree with the porridge and banana combination. I usually have some lucozade sport drink as well in the hour or so before. What to wear is tricky but I go for layers so if I get too hot I can take 1 off, tie it round my waist and keep going. I hope you have as good a day as I did in London & good luck!!

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