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W6R1...surprisingly okay

Hello everybody,

After doing the dreaded twenty minute run last week and having 4 rest days (!!!) I set out last night to start week 6 feeling a bit apprehensive as I'd been reading it was a tough week.

Well I did the first five minutes and after about a minute rest I was already set to go onto the eight minutes. I stuck to the programme which is a good job really because I thought I hadn't set my timer for the eight minutes it seemed to be going on for so long! But I finished it and on I went to the five minute run which happened to start in the same place as the week 4 five minute run and I was doing so well and going so fast I ended up farther away from home than I wanted to be. Bear in mind my first five minute run had me almost crying in pain because of a massive stitch that had developed and how tired I was but this time I was flying down the road. Onto run two tomorrow then that's it with the intervals so I certainly hope my body is ready for them because mentally I'm prepared but I'm not quite sure what my legs would say if they knew what was in store!

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Well done. :)

Week 6 is stamina building ready for the longer runs. Don't worry you will be ready. We keep saying this but do remember to start really slowly as you need some reserves to draw on.

Good luck with R2 enjoy your recovery walk in the middle, as you say its all go onwards and upwards after that. :)


Maybe start your runs slower and try and keep a steady pace throughout each run, know that is harder with the walk breaks but easier once you do the continuous runs :)

Good luck with your remaining runs :)


Hiya!! Well done for getting off to a great start on week 6 - you're right, lots of people have struggled with this week. But we get through it. You definitely have the right attitude to get through the long runs, I'm sure you can do it! A lot of this plan is mind over matter and the remaining weeks seem to be no different. Good luck with the rest of week 6! :)


Well done! Like you I was very worried about the 20 minutes in week 5 but once I had managed that 25 minutes seems possible and I completed Week 6 run 3 today! So keep going - hope run 2 and 3 go well.


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