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Podcast help please

Hello All, I'm a newbie to C25K and I've just downloaded the podcasts to my iphone. I played a bit of the first one just to see if it had downloaded OK, and after 5 minutes or so I decided to bite the bullet and go out for my first session. How do I restart the podcast? it just keeps going back to the place it was at before. Do I have to let it play all the way through before I can listen from the start?

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I have the app on my phone and there are little green arrows on either side of the screen I can use to rewind, is yours the same?


Ditto what hel said , it should go back to the start .


Yes there are little green arrows now, but there weren't before (at least I couldn't see them ;) )

Thanks :)


The podcast is just an mp3 file, like any other music file. Control it as you would your other music.


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