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W3R3 - Running on empty

Went out to do W3R3 a couple of days later than scheduled, and was keen to get out there as it was a nice evening and wasn't dark when I went out! Started off ok and was treated to a dancing display in the sky of a crowd of starlings which was very uplifting - felt great to be out in the fresh air.

However the familiar problem which I have struggled with in recent weeks resurfaced - fatigue. I felt lacking in energy, as though I hadn't eaten for hours, despite having a homemade granola energy bar about an hour or so before the run. I was going slow but could feel the odd palpitation like I just didn't have the energy for it. My concern is this is week 3, and I started in September! This has been a problem since week 5 in December, hence going backwards. Got home and felt better after eating but then slumped again, felt like I just needed to sleep.

I guess my question is, can it feel this difficult? On the positive side I have no muscular or joint problems whatsoever. The fatigue got so bad in December I even went to the docs, had blood tests which were all normal so there's nothing wrong there. I'm due to start week 4 on Wednesday but not sure whether to or not. Sorry to sound negative, just wish I had some of the feelings of a great run that some report on here.

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I haven't got an answer on this one. If you've been checked by the doctor then it's not the usual anaemia or anything like that. Do you get this fatigued at any other time? Maybe a banana would help. Or maybe you're missing some vital vitamin.

Hope someone can give you better advice. If I get fatigued it's because I'm overdoing it, but that doesn't seem likely from what you describe.

Good luck and hope it goes away!

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It's called the C25K CHALLENGE for a reason - it is at least 50% mental! Try going back to week 1 (or even week 0 - 30 minutes brisk walking) with the attitude "I can do this".

Is the granola bar sugary? I find I get an energy slump about an hour after eating refined sugar ...

Are you getting enough sleep? This exercise will help with that.

Find a more interesting route for your run and play some exciting music. Remember not to go too fast, relax into a steady rhythm and breathe.

Well done for sticking with it since September!

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