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Week 2 second round

Just complete day 2 of week 2, I am completing this on a treadmill the hope is I will start the whole pod cast again when it gets brighter in the evenings. But for now I am going to do each week three times so that I build up my stanima nice and slow. My next run day 3 week 2 second time will be on Tuesday so I post again to let you know how I have got on. Oh I walk at 3.0 and run at 4.0 and I can just about manage it. Week 1 I walked at 2.5 and ran at 3.0. So I know I am getting fitter.

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Hello there. Welcome aboard!

There's no need to keep repeating. The programme is progressive, and is specifically designed to keep you moving and progressing. It really does work. You just have to have faith in it to deliver.

If you're doing C25k then the walks and runs are all in there. Laura tells you when to do both. Are you using the NHS Couch to 5k plan?

Good that you are up and moving, and learning to run. Sounds a bit daft saying learning to run but that's what it is. Many of us forgot how to do it somewhere along the way.

Whatever your do, take your time, slow is absolutely the best way to crack it. Have fun!


Hello and welcome :) you are doing great , as missw says really no need to repeat a week if complete each timed run :)

Slow and steady is the key to all the runs :)


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