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Onto Week 4


A year ago I started on c25k, and restarted last weekend on week 3, as I hadn't ran since Oct! But found w3 not challenging in the x2 runs, so, went to w4 this morning, nice and early so that the ground was still frozen, albeit not rock hard thankfully. And yes, completed that ok, and seems much better on this week, found that I had to work now which is good! Looking forward to Sunday now for the next run 😊

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What happened the first time?

JaxOGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

Hi Irishprincess, I pulled a quad having reached week 8 last August, I was gutted. After several restarts in October, still not good. I did X 2 runs at w3 at Christmas, all seemed OK, but just didn't carry on. Hopefully now, taking it steady, I am now at it again! It certainly taught me to take it slow & pace myself rather than pushing too hard. How long did it take you to graduate, did you manage to avoid the injury couch? 😊

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to JaxO

I've just read your old posts and you have had a bit of a problem with your quads haven't you? I hope it's now sorted but just keep stretching. Good for you for getting back to this. You are determined and absolutely right to take it very slowly. There is no hurry.

It took me 6 months to graduate with one thing and another. Runners' knees and an old ankle injury kept me back for several weeks but I wasn't in a hurry and it got done! I've been on the IC quite a few times and am now back again for the last 4 weeks with a knee problem. Patience is a great virtue for a runner! But the best thing about running is that once the addiction sets in you know you'll always get back to it! Good luck.


So sorry to hear that your on the IC! Not so good. I will most certainly take it steady and take each day as it comes. Out on my 2nd run of w4 tomorrow!

Get better soon 😊

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