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Week 5 run 2 done... dreading run 3

Just done run 2 of week 5. Managed it but still getting shin splints on one leg even with all the stretching I've been doing etc. Just got to crack it. Dreading the 20minute run tomorrow... I've got 3 weeks until a 5k in London with all my friends who are supporting me to do this 5k (the only reason we are doing it!).

Can't believe I can run 8 minutes non stop too! I feel fitter in myself it's so nice.

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Well done on your progress :)

You should believe it, you did it and you will also do the next run :)

You have a goal to aim at and to motivate you , go on you can do it !!


If stretching is not alleviating your shin splints, are you sure it is not a poor footwear/muscle strength/tight calves that are causing the issue?


Don't fear any run. It will create tension and be counter productive. The worst that can happen is that you have to repeat a run.......not anything to fear. Relax, trust the programme and believe in yourself. You will do it.


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