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Ankle issues

Hi all, in the first week of Couch to 5k and have a couple of issues. I broke my ankle two years ago very badly and dislocated it and I was in hospital for a week. Anyway got a metal plate and pins in 4 places. Since starting this it is very painful, now I am wearing compression tights (cut off to ankle area) and my friend has advised to purchase special compression socks and I think GOOD solid running shoes are the answer!! but any advice very gratefully accepted.

Also my calf muscles seriously seize up, any tips apart from the usual stretch etc !!! thanks so much

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Hi I did similar to my ankle way back before I started running , have same plate and screws .

Tbh have only had the odd grumble nothing major although i would say i dont have 100 % felexibility in it..

That did play a small part in my knee injury last year but all good now :)

Certainly having the right running shoes is a good starting point, getting your gait analysis done is part of that .

Your calfs etc could be your body still adjusting to running so may settle down as you go on . Stretching after each run will help.

Ops should have said hello n welcome and well done on taking those hardest steps and starting :)


Definitely proper shoes fitted by someone who knows what they are talking about at a specialist running shop. Might be prudent to get advice from Dr or a sports physio too.


I would be tempted to discuss it with someone who knows about your medical history. It's a concern if your ankle is already 'painful' as you say it is. That aside, definately get a gait analysis done and some proper shoes. Maybe your gp could refer you to a physio to do this for you and support you in your quest to get running! Let us know how you get on and best of all, good luck!🙂


Thanks all, really appreciate the feedback, it is also affected by the cold weather, so that I think is why it is potentially uncomfortable. I am getting new shoes next week.


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