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W9 R3! done it at last!

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Well it's taken me over two years thanks to a combination of injury, lack of motivation/depression, new job, family needs etc. but finally I've completed the C25K program. I'm not up to 5K in the 30 mins but I don't let that bother me anymore. I've found real pleasure in the feeling I get after a run, even in these cold and frosty mornings so I'm going to keep it going and may even try a Parkrun soon.

The posts on here have been really inspirational when I've been at a low point, so if you're struggling, let me say "that's OK" and don't give yourself unachievable targets, look at how much more you're doing than a week or a month ago, keep smiling and get there one step at a time. It's great when you do.


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Congratulations Andy! Sounds as though you've had a lot to contend with and it's great that you are really feeling the benefits of running now - that's why we keep going☺.

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That's fantastic Andy, really well done. I'm still nowhere near 5 KM in the 30 minutes and probably never will be, but it really doesn't matter does it? Enjoy your running, and don't forget your grad badge xx


Many congratulations Andy. And really well done for taking your time and overcoming some hurdles there. You should get two badges for that! And your words are very wise and should be printed in big letters for the W1R1!

Don't forget to get your badge (pinned list on the right). You've really earned it so wear it with pride.

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AndyJ57Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks Irish, it's nice of you to say so and yes, I'll wear my badge with pride!

Great news Andy. Very well done with sticking with it, definitely do a parkrun and happy running !

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Fantastic! A huge "well done" from me. Being able to run 30 minutes X 3 times a week gives "demonstrable health benefits" according to Doctors, so both physical and mental health looking good for us runners! I just carried on running 3 X 30 mins after graduation until one day I wanted to keep running and reached 5k after 43 mins! Once I had done that I found I wanted to reach 3 X 5k. Did that for ages because it is a challenge to do and then one day ran to 5.5 which broke the barrier. Have inched up my distances (graduated 23 weeks ago) and now run 2 X 5k plus a long run (currently 10k). I'm not fast (still about 35 mins for a 5k) but I just run at a comfortable speed and it has naturally increased.

I think running for 30 minutes is awesome, then a 5k goal whatever the time is a major achievement. I make running fun - have some great tracks on grass through woods, fields (and mud) and I find soft ground kinder to my knees. There is a 10k forum on here too that u might like to check out, very encouraging and friendly. Julie

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AndyJ57Graduate in reply to JoolieB1

Hi Julie

Thanks for the encouragement and ideas - 10k seems a long way off having taken so long to get this far but who knows, maybe I'll need another target soon!

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Congratulations Andy - your determination has won through and that graduate badge looks great on you!

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Brilliant well done Andy , especially as you have shown great determination and peseverence to get you to here :)

Enjoy all your running whatever and where ever it takes you :D

So pleased for you Andy. I know just what you mean about how good it makes you feel. I keep telling my family but none of them are interested (yet).

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Fantastic Andy, you're a star.

I'm so impressed you kept going at it for so long, that shows true grit. Keep us posted as to how you get on from here.

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Very well done to you, and I think that you are an inspiration to us all!! Many congrats 😊

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Well done Andy! You don't have to be at 5k in 30mins, just keep aiming for 30 mins, forget about distance, that'll take a while to get down toward 30 min 5k, if that's what you really want, I'm not bothered about that.

I just enjoy getting out and doing it and knowing it's keeping me fit and doing Parkruns, your ready for a Parkrun now, I did my first at w6 but of course could only run/walk then, but that doesn't really matter. Good luck!😊

What a result! Great stuff Andy you should feel very proud of yourself, I agree with you that it's all about enjoyment speed shouldn't be an issue go at a pace your comfortable with. Try a Parkrun I think you will enjoy that as well, keep up the good work and happy running!

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Congratulations Graduate!

Brilliant job done, despite your issues. You're out there, running for the 30 minutes and you are enjoying it too.

You post is an inspiration... bask in the glory:)

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