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W6R2 pulled up short

After looking forward to my run today, I had to stop at the end of the first 10 minute run due to a really tight and painful calf muscle😟

I did the normal warm up walk but over the past couple of runs have experienced this tightness in my right muscle but never to the point where I have to complete stop and hobble back.

Any ideas why this is happening and tips to stop it happening very much appreciated .

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I just typed a comprehensive reply only for it to disappear in a flash.

Are you possibly running too fast? Slow is good for c25k. If you go too fast you slam the legs.

Your warm up walk could be longer. You may be slow to warm up. I am, so I now warm up in the house, doing a series of moves to get me hot, before leaving the house for the warm up walk.

I do Post run stretches once home. If you work to strength your body on non run days then that should help. You can do calf specific exercises, eg foot lifts, stair hangs, calf lifts to build them up


Hi there, I'm afraid I haven't got any good advice other than trying the strength and flex podcasts on your rest days, slowing right down and maybe stretching a little before your run. It sounds pretty bad if you hobbled home, so obviously ice and extra rest days may be in order to see if it improves.

I just wanted to reply as I personally failed that run and had to repeat, wanted to give you some sympathy, understand your frustration and say keep at it, you'll get there :)

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I have wondered before whether or not the warm up walk was enough. I will have a couple of days rest and then try your suggestions. If I slow down more I will be walking so the extra stretches etc at home before I hot out are definitely worth a try.


I'd be wary of stretching much without warming up first although stretching generally is a good thing. Stretch after your run and make sure your legs are really warmed up before you start to run. There's no harm in walking briskly for 10 minutes. Maybe try it and see if it makes a difference. I roll over my thighs and calves vigorously with a hand held roller before and after every run. It is like a plastic rolling pin. You can also just take your wooden rolling pin to the sides and backs of your calves and give them a good going over.There are stretches for after your run here on this site.


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