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W8R1, what you wear really makes a difference

I've promised myself a running jacket when I graduate but seeing the frost this morning regretted not getting one already.

I wear a long sleeved running top but this morning I replaced my normal sweatshirt with a gillet and headed out the door.

Oh what luxury to have a choice of pockets for my ipod, tissues, dog poo bags etc. This was much lighter and I didn't get overheated either. Heaven

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When you get your running jacket look for one with zipped pockets. I split my items into

1. The pocket that can be opened while running. Dog poo bags, tissues, cheap gloves

2. The pocket that must not be opened. House keys, phone, wallet etc

Summer running I try and stuff everything in a running belt.


Fantastic suggestion, I would never have thought of looking for zipped pockets but now you say it, so obvious.

Must also put a running belt on my wish list, by the time I graduate this may be more important than the jacket....


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