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Two weeks and counting (still)

Have finished week 2 of my dieting and lost all of 1 more pound

(bit disappointed with that thought I'd lose more). Walked for 6 hours and have started doing simple flex and warm up routines to ease my arthritis. Will try to walk for 7 1/2 hours for week 3.

Trying to keep my blood sugars level and decrease them slowly downwards. Heres to week 3.....

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Hi I am not far from you in cleethorpes and love hubbards hills but I too am a carer for my daughter and don't get there much. A pound off is better than a pound on so stay positive and don't feel bad about it it's better than nothing . I'm just starting my sixth week and have lost eight and a half pound which I'm amazed at didn't think I'd get this far but feeling more positive every day now so hang in there everything will fall naturally into place x 👍👍


Keep at it - you'll probably only see more significant weight loss as you get into the longer continuous runs from Week 7 onwards and after you graduate.

Good luck



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