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Week 6... done, ish


I was feeling really chuffed yesterday after finishing Wk 6 Run 3, and took myself off to London to see Funny Girl (brilliant) in celebration (planned long before I knew I'd have anything to celebrate, mind!)

Then this morning I came on here to catch up and saw all the W6R3 peeps talking about their 25 min runs... I switched from Laura (sorry Laura!) to RunDouble last week because (a) it tracks my runs and (b) it keeps quiet other than updating you at intervals you select (I find knowing how long I've got to go less helpful than I thought I would!).

Anyway, RunDouble only does a 22min run at W6R3 so I'm now feeling a bit of a fraud in saying I've 'done' the week! But that aside, I managed to up my pace a bit from the previous 'long' run, clocking just under 8 mins per km, and despite my music switching itself off before I'd finished the warm-up and refusing to re-start, leaving me running in silence, I managed to maintain a pretty steady pace throughout.

The two programmes are back in synch from now on, so gearing up for my first 25 min run with the onset of Week 7!

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Funny Girl as in Nick Hornby? I read the book a couple of months ago and adored it!

Congratulations on completing Wk 6!

f1roro in reply to Shivani05

Funny Girl the musical - most famous incarnation is the 1968 film adaptation with Barbra Streisand and Omar Sharif. Sheridan Smith plays the 'funny girl' (Streisand role) in the latest stage production and is a complete joy to watch.

(sorry, going totally off topic!)

Shivani05Graduate in reply to f1roro

Ah ok. Wishful thinking, I guess, that they turned the Hornby into a play :)

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