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week 6 completed

Just about managed to complete week 6. My brisk walk 3.8 mph and my jog between 4 mph to 4.5 mph, and some how managed the 25 minutes. Took my inhaler 20 minutes before exercise as well as just before starting the run, it would be lovely to control my breathing better.

Does anyone get lower backache when they run? Perhaps I suffer because I have problems to my L4/L5 and have had injections into my spine in the past, but I have only suffered with lower right side pain previously.

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Hi, well done! numbers are irrelevant on c25k, don't worry about what speed your doing! Some go of too fast and get more aches & pains or injuries, Just do it as slow as slow can be.

You will get some niggling aches a pains as the body adjusts more to running, as long as it's only minor aches & pain, they can be run through, I get lower r/h backache which comes and goes, but ok when running, usually I get it 1st thing in the morning then it goes off. Breathing should improve as you go on, remember to breathe deeply and keep trying consciously to close your mouth very slightly.. Your not too far from graduation, good luck!☺


Go you.. very well done, and great that your breathing seems under control.

As folks will say, lots of weird niggles crop up, physically. Thing is to be aware and see if they disappear or remain an issue, then is the time to get it checked out

Onwards and upwards... :)

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