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W6R2 Round 2 - me versus the outdoors - victory is mine! :)


Wow! Wow, wow, wow! I feel like I've just run a marathon, such is the joy of completing my repeat W6r2 in the great outdoors!

Beyond ecstatic this morning, this little red midget looking like a crazed muppet talking to the ducks, singing away and even shouting "go girl!" to myself (unnerving an elderly dog walker, poor man) managed 2 x 10 minutes of running along the lovely flat canal towpath! No unscheduled walk breaks today and no accidental hills for me!

I'm officially converted to the outdoors, yes it's harder and I do feel I've made the program tougher for myself with all those treadmill runs, but today's run was just wonderful, the wind in my face, the other runners out there, the uneven, muddy path and the fresh air - unbeatable! (And it was personal this time, I had to prove to myself I could do it!)

Slow as ever, but I felt I could carry on running for both 10 min intervals today, a far cry from Thursday's failed first outdoor adventure. :)

Week 6, were back in business. ;) Good luck everyone running this weekend - go forth, into the open air and enjoy it!

PS: We're away to London for a long weekend shortly, so forgive my rudeness if I don't reply. In advance, congratulations to all on your great runs and achievements over the next 2 days. Floss, I await the next chapter with keen anticipation... ;) xxx

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Well done that is how to do a run :)

It can take a while to adjust to running outside so really well done enjoy your long weekend :)

Love it. Well done running-scared your confidence must be sky-high. I agree outdoor running is fun. (tough fun!)

Have a lovely weekend.

:) :)


Well done - told you!

We were all rooting for you and I'm so glad it worked. Grinned to myself as I read your post - so pleased for you!

We can do this if we want to. And there are a whole load of us at about the same level who do want this!


Oh my goodness... oh my goodness...you've done it! Out in the wide, wild world and success is yours!

Knew you would... and now you know you can do it too!

Got a wonderful image of you running along and singing too, absolutely brilliant!

I am hoping for a dry run tomorrow...not on the fields!

Have a wonderful weekend. :) x

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