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I'm claiming this as progress

Well today was a bit different.

Did my normal warm up walk and tried pausing Laura whilst I crossed the main road so I could start my run safely but hit the restart button by mistake. Decided it didn't matter I would run through the second warm up and just be five minutes ahead of Laura and finish when she said I had five minutes running left, simple!

Heading back home and feeling good, gone past 17.5 minutes and was stopped by a "proper runner" I know, (pause Laura) as she had spotted a car which had crashed into a ditch. All was OK, the police were aware but hadn't put a sticker on the vehicle, but this took quite a long time to find out.

Carried on with my run, restarted Laura but didn't put my headphones back on as I was being accompanied by the "proper runner" and actually held a conversation whilst running (she was jogging),

1) never in my wildest dreams did I think I could run and talk

2) was too shy/embarrassed to say the pace was a bit fast for me so powered through for as long as I could.

3) really enjoyed having a running buddy

Got to the point when I just had to stop and explained I had had enough and need to warm down,

4) was so happy when she said I was running a good pace.

Anyway when we parted company I put my headset back on and discover I had run right through the warm down, so five minutes extra at the start and five minutes extra at the end.

Can't claim this as a 35 minute run but know I ran further than normal and that I ran the last part faster than normal. Will have to re-do this run on Sunday to claim it as part of my C25k but it didn't feel like a wasted run and I feel like I have made progress anyway.

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Don't sell yourself short....certainly sounds like major progress to me!


Definitely progress and a confidence booster well done :)


Wow, that's amazing! Well done on keeping pace with a 'proper runner'!


Sounds like you could call it part of your c25k to me. :) if you ran for the required time it's a good'n.

You are doing so well.


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