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New Start

Week one of the C25K.... finished day two yesterday and cant wait for day three tomorrow..... I hated running all my life and wouldnt even run for a bus.... then last year I decided to have a go at running.... did everything wrong as in too much to often to fast and completely threw myself into mayhem.... So ditched it...... In my bid to change my lifestyle I found the run on the NHS website and decided to start slow and build up gradually and hopefully it will teach me how to run properly so that I can enjoy it and progress..... How have you all found that kind of structure ?? I definitely know fast and furious doesnt work for me !! haha

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Well done you for setting out again on this journey.

Loads of lovely folk on here to offer tips and support and encouragement.

Most of them, like me will tell you, slow and steady is the way...gets you where you want to be, steadily, no fuss and gradually building up to the grand finish, Graduation!

Keep posting your progress and enjoy the journey! :)


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