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Need a buddy in SW4

I live in Clapham, south west London. I'm looking for a buddy who'd like to do c25k with me. It's a long shot but I see so many people running round the common that I figure it's worth a try?

I'm 33, 15kg overweight, reasonably fit but terrible at running. But I'm friendly and determined to do this though! I'm flexible on what days/times we run. Please let me know if you're interested, or if anyone knows a beginners group.


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Hi I am a graduate but as soon as graduated I injured my foot and haven't run since November. I work in Clapham (not every day) by the common (Northside) so I could join you at lunchtimes. I need to begin the programme again as need to ease my foot back. I am a bit older than you but does age really matter :-).


Just a thought.. I posted this last month, think they do other dates as well if not too far away from you.. You can contact them to find out..☺


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