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Rest days

Hi I'm new to this c25k. We'll I'm on week 4 run 3. I started in the gym on a tredmill but after week 3 run two I have moved on to road running (main reason when I was last into working out I never understud why people would just pay to use a tredmill when you can run/walk for free outside lol) any way my question is I'm only running on Mondays Wednesday and Fridays so have the day off between runs but 2 days of on te weekend should I just carry on running and have 2 days of rest or keep running every other day ie mon wed fri sun tues and so on. Sorry if this has been asked before plus I have to admit road running is harder😢

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Do what you feel as long as you take at least one rest day in between each run.

I've restarted the plan after a break from running, currently on week 6, run wed/fri/sun and do karate on mondays so take tuesday as a (usually much needed) extra rest day.

Well done on getting started and good luck with the rest of the plan :)


The choice is yours! You can run every other day if you like, as long as you hold the rest day sacred! Having said that, as the runs get longer, you might be glad of two days rest from time to time.😀

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I haven't found a completely satisfying rhythm yet either. The every other day run means the weeks are different and one week you're running 4 times, which sometimes just doesn't fit in with real life. I love running Mondays because I tend to be rested after the weekend and it's normally a good run. I find it difficult to run at weekends because of family obligations, but if I start doing longer runs after graduation they're going to have to be at the weekend. If I run 4x a week I start to get tired and sore - like last week. I gave myself 2 days rest then and feel so much better (might run 4x this week after all!). And then business trips sometimes get in the way. So all very complicated!

The answer is probably take it as it comes and as you feel. If you're tired add another rest day - it really helps.

And running outside is THE BEST! (Just my personal opinion😎)


Thanks for your replays 👍 I might give the every other day with no 2 day rest a try even if I just do week 4 one extre time


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