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Should I or shouldn't I ?

The plan was to hike in the Alps today, but OH was obviously not enthusiastic about getting up early and the weather was going to be stormy, maybe even dangerous, so we changed plans. Both somewhat tired today, so just a normal walk in the afternoon (I call them "old couple's walks"). I deliberately took it easy because I'm still considering going for a run this evening (W6R1). I'm having an argument in my head along the lines of "you're quite tired at the moment, your knees are slightly sore, don't do it".

The other half says "I'll go real slow, I have to anyway on this run. I've had my day of rest, I don't want to lose my rhythm. And (this is the killer) if I do another 4 km this week I'll have covered over 100 km in 7 days".

Promptly comes the answer "Precisely, you're knackered"

To which I reply "No, I'm not, just feeling lazy. It'll be exhilarating"

The jury is still out.

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Haha - just take it very gently if you do decide to go for it!


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