Couch to 5K

5x50 2016

I'm thinking of getting a HU/C25K-2016 team together for this year. Is anyone interested?

If your still doing the program there are different options so you don't push yourself too much. I tend to opt for the 30min a day and do gentle walks and stretches and weights on non running days.

This year the team is called HU/C25k- 2016 if you would like to join the team

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It sounds interesting; I'd be glad to participate!


Great, welcome on board.

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HU/C25k-2016 is listed as is NHS Couch to 5K (C25K) 2016 is this 2 different teams???


It is looking like they are. We are the HU one. Usually we team up with th Facebook page and when I posted this I put a link up there. I think the NHS couch to 5km 2016 is a different team completely. I suppose it is possible that a group are doing the program but have no knowledge of our forum or Facebook page and set up independently. But the HU one is the one from the forums here.


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