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Just found this forum completed week 3 and looking forward to week 4!

I've only just found this forum and thought I would post to see if there any others just about to start week 4, I've absolutely amazed myself that I have a) got this far and b) loved every minute of it, not quite sure how I'm going to make the leap to 5 minutes running/ shuffling but I'm putting my trust in the coach on Monday and then Laura on Wednesday and Friday.

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I've also just finished week 3, and due to start week 4 tomorrow. I feel exactly the same as you - can't believe I'm doing it, and LOVING it! I must admit, week 5 feels like a daunting prospect at the moment, but I'm just going to trust Laura and get through week 4, then take it super slow. I love the support from this forum, it really motivates me to get up and get out there when I'm starting to waver. Good luck! 😊


Hi, well done and welcome, you are doing just great so far :)

None of us believed what we could do but you will amaze yourself at what you can do :)


I have finished w3, ready to start w4 on Monday and I can't believe that I am actually running, all be for short bursts!! It feels great!

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You'll see the folks on the same week as you on the links to the right of the screen in blue text

Welcome to the fold. C25k is great fun and will get you running. Just follow the programme slowly and carefully and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. It's only a few minutes at a time to start with, and if you go carefully you'll be ok

I shuffled a lot, and there's nothing wrong with it. It's hard to pick up your feet when you're knackered but just hang in there and you'll be fine. It helps if you smile and have fun.


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