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Wk5 Run1 in the bag!

Finished Wk4 on Friday but the stormy weather has stopped me getting out there for Week 5. I was worried about the gap getting bigger so went for it tonight. It was FREEZING and during my second run there was a torrential icy downpour. Giving up crossed my mind but I was already wet so I carried on. It was hard but no more so than any previous week. Runs 2 and 3 should be interesting 😨

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I've had a weather problem too. I refuse to run in a downpour but I did run in drizzle twice last week. If I hadn't have done I would not have fitted the runs in. It wasn't pleasant as it is always windy where I live. It it was do-able and I felt glad I'd done it.

I must say I'm looking forward to the better weather though!

Good luck with run 2, pop in and let us know how you get on.

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Yep, when you're wet...you're wet! Not so bad if it starts when you are out there..no choice but to, keep on runnin' as the song says!

I spent most of my runs soaking wet, before I graduated at Christmas...soggy Grey Snail!

Well done and good luck with the next two.. onwards and upwards..:)

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