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W3R3 done

Brrr it was so cold today but I managed to find a gap in the rain clouds and went out there. Still dressed in black clothing so as not to draw attention to myself, with bobble hat on, off I went. My run today was in a local park where there is a lovely lake and ducks about. I found it easier today than previous runs because I made myself run with my shoulders back and a more upright position. Before today I think I used to run with my shoulders slumped and chin aiming at the floor ahead. But I found with a better stance, the run seemed somehow easier. So I was jogging about (jiggling about really) watching the ducks and birds going about their day and glancing frequently at the road ahead in case of pot holes, ice or puddles. I noticed frequently that I would slump my shoulders and chin down to the floor but when I became aware of this, the jiggle became easier.

Then down came the snow - like a proper blizzard going on and I thought to myself what the hell am I doing here!! I just told myself that only a few weeks ago I had not even started C25K and remembered how unfit I was. I am still "unfitfred" but am proud that I forced myself to get moving and at least try for however long it takes to get fitter than I was.

My run over with the snow drifting away, I arrived back at the car. My face was so red with the cold but I felt I had achieved something after all.

Keep trying guys - it's got to be worth it in the end!

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It definitely is worth it in the end Fred! Well done for persisting in the snow!

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Well done, it is so worth it. Good on you for getting out in the cold and snow. You have done really well.

Elsie xxx

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Well done! It's not easy getting out there in bad weather, but if I have found that I never regret it when I do. It's just a bit of weather! And you are right- good posture does make a difference too. Keep it up!

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