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Stiff calf and hurting shin


Finished week 5 run 2 last night, but this morning holy moly my right calf hurts! Also got some pain in the left side of my shin too.

I did stretches after the warm up before the running (not deep or long) and again after the warm down (which were deep and long ~15 secs per stretch )

Taken ibuprofen today and just doing normal walking

Wondering if I will be able to tmrws 20 min run

Any advice on helping with the stiffness?

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Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

You are going to sore and stiff while increaing your distance/time, it goes with the territory, I'm afraid. the key is to differentiate between regular aches of the muscles, joints etc adjusting to increased workload and the sharp pain of an injury. My rule of thumb is if you can walk on it after warming up properly, it's probably okay and you just need to suck it up and dig deep - whereas if it still hurts to put weight on it after you have warmed up throughly, then something is amiss, Stop, Dog, Stop! don't run on it and get it checked out.

There tends to be a bit of a misconception about stretching: whilst it is very important to stretch after your run, it doesn't do anything to alleviate or prevent muscle soreness.

probably not do W5R3 if you have stiffness. stay on R2. May be try W6R1.. that looks more gradual rise..

stiffness - many years ago (in my 20s) i had it after starting workout in a gym. stiffness all over next day.. couldnt bend hands.. that time solution was a light massage with warm oil.. (on your own.. so specialist). no special oil.. I had coconut oil so i used that. if you have olive, i dont see problem.. + I continued light exercise..

(warmness is for relaxing the muscles + oil to make massaging easy.. thats all) hot water bag may help if its only part of leg..

may be you can try that... very harmless thing to try..

(GP if the pain is a bit much)

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