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Cross Training?

Hello everyone,

Hope you've all been enjoying the weekend! Just a quick question about cross training- as in what is everyone else doing?

I've been running using the c25k on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, then doing about 2 hours of hiit & strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. I can't tell you how much I look forward to Sunday's when I do "nothing" (besides cleaning, cooking, playing with the kids etc etc!), although I invariably get restless at about 5pm & want to go and do something!

The gym stuff I'm fine with, however moving on to week 4 tomorrow & I'm dreading it!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, whatever you may be doing! 😊

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My run days tend to be Wed/Fri/Sun. I do karate Monday nights, On Tue/Thur I tend to chill out and recover or I might take a little stroll for about half hour to meet hubby off the train and get a few bits in the local co-op.

I postponed my Friday run because of Storm Gerty and I started week 4 yesterday, I'm retaking the plan after a longish break from running. You can do it, good luck with week 4 and the upcoming weeks :)


2 hours of HIIT? isn't that a little counter-intuitive? 2 hrs is endurance, High intensity Interval are by definition short - 20-30 mins or so.


That didn't read like it was meant to! I do about 25 minutes of hiit followed by another hour(ish!) of weights, I'm dying after my 25 minutes, I couldn't manage any more than that haha.


Gosh the weight must be dropping off you!! Since graduating I've started to do an hour spinning class on a Monday night and I also do HIIT about twice a week - but my HIIT is only 20-30 mins.

Good luck on your journey


I was pretty unfit before starting C25K. I had been walking and doing some cycling but no swimming, running or gym at all. I found C25K took everything I had and I managed to graduate with no injury, now run 3 times a week including a 10k long run. However, I needed rest days and dropped every other form of exercise when on C25K. Firstly, my achy legs needed warmth and rest so I could face the next run or a new week (2) I was so tired, I needed to sleep not move! Now, I can swim, cycle and do cross training on rest days but not when I was asking my body for so much change! Maybe be kind to yourself, cross training can be re introduced later, up to u though!


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