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I've just finished W2 D2 and wondering if it's OK to go out again tomorrow? The problem I've got this week is work! I normally work from home 2 days a week which means I can fit my runs in but have to be in the office for the next couple of weeks and leave at 6am and don't get home til after 8. I don't feel safe running by myself in the dark so just wondering if it will cause and damage to do Sat, Sun then Wednesday or should I just drop to 2 days a week.

Thanks in advance 😊

4 Replies
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Hi sis, I'd say you really need the rest days in between but if those days are all you can do then perhaps do sat early and Sunday late. But others here will better advise xxx well done so far

I did think that - would rather drop to 2 days than risk hurting myself and missing a week!! Especially now it's getting harder xxx

Hi Panda, just run when you can. Extra rest days can be helpful and only running twice a week won't matter. You sound keen so will definitely fit a run in when you can, but two days in a row isn't a good plan.

Good luck and don't worry. :)

Thanks Jan, maybe when I get a bit fitter 2 days in a row won't be a problem but I think I do need the rest days at the mo 😊

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