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W3D1... With knee support and on the treadmill - but yay!

Hi all,

I'm still a newbie to the forum but looking forward to hearing everyone's C25K progress and love the motivation, help and encouragement on here - hoping to give a lot back to you all over the next however many weeks it takes to get there!

After a nearly 2 week delay after finishing Wk 2 due to pesky knee pain and repeating the wk 2 run several times just to check I could move on :) tonight I am so chuffed to have completed wk3 run 1 with not a huge amount of trouble! 😄😃

So, I did it on a treadmill so softer on the knee, and I only put incline on for the walking parts, which is a bit of a cheat, but it felt pretty ok and I wanted to carry on after 3 mins of running! Shocked myself! Frozen Peas on the knee now of course, but planning to do strength and flex on the rest days to try and help the knee and the wobbly weak muscles!

Good luck to everyone doing week 3, huge well done's all round to those with runs under their belt and sympathies to the injury couch crew too!


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Well done glad you managed it. I have just finished week 3 after a bit of knee pain too......looking forward to next week but looks like a bit jump up and not sure if I am up to it. May do week 3 again just to see how the knee goes.

Good luck on your journey

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Ah thank you, and very well done to you too 😄 These knees are such a pest, I had no idea how common knee pain was for new runners, hope yours eases up soon. Good luck with Wk 4, I read the whole programme before starting week 1 and it scared me so much I'm not looking ahead again, so I dread to think what's in store if I finish wk 3! Will look out to see how you get on :)

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