Injury Couch (again😣)

Just started week 2 after having a few months injured with a sprained ankle. (got to week 9 last time!) Now my left knee is very painful (inside of knee) especially on the stairs, but also walking. I have had ligament and cartilage problems with the right knee previously and am worried this may be something similar! I'll rest it for a while and see if it helps. If not then it's another trip to the doctors.


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3 Replies

  • Sorry to here of your injuries. It is so frustrating isn't it? I was similar to you in that I suffered a bad sprained ankle but at week 2 of the programme and had to have 2 months recovering. I would say rest your knee and don't run on it until it is better. Might be worth getting it checked by the doc or I have discovered the wonders of a physiotherapist which has helped. I have just got over a milder injury but same leg as the bad ankle. squats and lunges are great but I am really making sure I stretch all areas of the leg, calves, hip flexor a, groin as well as knees because each can have an impact on the other. It is a case I think of making the muscles stronger so they can cope with the exertion of running. Hope you recover soon😊

  • Oh dear! What a nuisance! This stuff happens unfortunately. We are new to running and our bodies protest, loudly at times. I got a sprained ankle early on and it took ages to get right. Then my knee. Mine was on the inside too. I rested it and I could walk on it without a problem but running was painful. I rested some more. After a while I thought to hell with it and went running and found I could "run it off". As you get stronger in your ankles, calves, knees then running does become easier, but there's a period where you're doing that, when you can seem injury prone. Never fear though as it does get better. Are you doing some other exercise on your non-running day? Walking is great, as is swimming and cycling. Any zumba or keep fit type stuff will all help your strengthening

    Ice is great for pain relief and reducing inflammation, so line up the ice packs in the freezer. An old paper or polystyrene cups filled water and stood up in the freezer will do. Play that over your painful knee area as often as you can. It will take about 8 to 10 minutes to melt completely. Put a towel under yourself! I found that a great help with my shin splints

    Don't despair. If your knee doesn't get better with ice, rest, elevation, pain relief then obviously you will have to visit the doc. Good luck

  • Thank you for the advice. It's very helpful. I do try to walk on non running days. I will try running again once I feel the knee is up to it.

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