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1st aborted run. Niggles won :-(

Hey all .. hope you're managing to get out and run safely in this cold weather. Today is sunny but frosty here and I was really looking forward to my run.

After just a few minutes, my achilles ached (that's never happened to me in the C25K program). I carried on, hoping it would shake out. Then the aching moved down lower into my heel bone area. So I stopped, stretched and loosened my trainer a bit. On I ran and that seemed to have done the trick. But when I'd just reached 3K, my knee started twinging! And all this was on the right side - so I told myself to be sensible and turned around and walked home. Sigh.

Better to be safe than sorry I guess. I wonder if it could be the cold?? or the fact that I"ve upped my distances in the last few weeks and done some 6 and a 7 k run.

Fingers crossed i'll be all better on my next outing!

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It could be the cold. Or it could be any number of other factors.

I would recommend using the foam roller, doing some stretches and even trying a sauna before going out next time.

Of course, I don't mean going to sauna before going for your run :-)

You went out and that is commendable!

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I think you made the right decision. Much better to have the short term disappointment of an aborted run than the long term frustration of the injury couch, believe me. One of these days I will learn that there are some niggles that cannot be 'run off'.

Take a few days off and make friends with the foam roller!

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