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Re-running W5

I missed out on W5R3 last week due to snow, I'm feeling a little worn out this week and experiencing a little shin/calf pain so I'm not going to push on to W6 just yet I'm going to re-run W5 and try and rest my leg as much as possible (that's not a lot).

I've heard and read about the infamous "shin splints" I'm hoping its not that and that its just I've not warmed up or down very well the last few runs due to time constraints.

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I think quite a few of us are under-par at the moment.

Sensible too rest up and repeat, I feel... do not push yourself.. I am sure it is perhaps a combination of things if you feel a bit worn out.. give it a rest, literally!

I am crocked at the moment... Bronchitis, which is making running a total no go... It wasn't so bad whilst the snow was down, couldn't go out anyway..but it is melting now! Grrr....

But, am doing some simple, not too strenuous, strength and flex exercises... and catching up on my watercolour painting! Not all bad....

Feel stronger soon :)

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