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Went for my run last night despite the freezing weather and having a cold.

Cold is above the neck so I thought that was ok and the streets were not slippery with ice so no excuses.

Woke up with a really sore throat I think because I had to breathe through my mouth during my run, due to a blocked nose. Has anyone experienced that? Any tips on how to dodge this one?

Thank you :)

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Buff.. neck warmer.. or similar.. recommended to me by the super ullyrunner, on this site.

I suffered from wet drips down the neck..(it rained for most of my nine weeks) and I suffer with sinus issues.. the neck warmer is great.. you can pull it up over your mouth and nose.. very light material so not constraining, and it keeps the cold air and the pesky winter germs out ! :)

Go you for getting out anyway.. but take care if you don't feel too brilliant..

I think I went out when I shouldn't have, and am now crocked with bronchitis !!!!!!!!!!!

So annoying, as the snow has finally melted...well mostly! Really cannot wait to get out there again!

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Right just had a look online and a neck warmer is actually a thing! Go figure. I will get me one of those :) thank you!

Yeah I think I'm going to postpone tomorrow's run until later in the week give my body a chance to recover.

Thanks again!


Put something over open mouth while running, just to warm the air going in up a tad, as cold air on the chest isn't good and can lead to infection & can make you cough..


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