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Don't like the short days!

Goodness, I am checking my little app on my phone seeing when sunset is.

I don't run in the dark, as its very rural where I run.

I work full time, commuting off the IOW, don't get much chance to get out on those days.

Did the longest gap last few weeks, 11 days without a run, due to work and weather.

Did I struggle Saturday when I went out.

It amazes me how it can be 2 degrees outside but don't feel it when running.

I really don't believe how I am struggling not running enough!!

Off to somewhere sunny in a few weeks, first thing in my suitcase will be my Pink trainers,( my purple ones are caked in mud.)

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Enjoy your break in the sun. Lucky you :) . The dark can be creepy. Would you consider running with a head lamp? I've seen some advertised for runners but never tried them. That might give you more running options so long as you feel generally safe after dark and it is just a matter of seeing where you're going

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I often run on dark mornings and its lovely to run in daylight at the weekend. I run on pavements in the dark and while there are street lights they aren't great so I wear flashing armbands so I can be seen. Not quite dark enough that I need a head torch though.

It's getting lighter but not fast enough!

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