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To run or not to run?

That age old question!

Well, I had a great but surprise 9k on Sunday- my furthest & within it my fastest 5k run. I was really happy as I didn't feel all that achey or had any shin pain yesterday. However this was a bit of a jump from my previous distance of 6.5k longest run.

Today I just did a 45 minute walk somewhere, wearing some pretty unsupportive cheap boots, and on the way home felt a twinge in the back of my left heel that made me limp. I've got home and whacked some ice on it.

I usually do a long run and two gentle 30 min runs in my week, and was planning on one tomorrow morning. I really want to keep up my consistency as its done wonders to my running in January, but should I play it safe and not run until Thursday/Friday? Or just do a v slow 20 min run tomorrow? My run on Sunday made me think my current speed/distance perception was less than I was capable of since I ran so far & fast without pain or feeling that exhausted! But since my previous months of shin splints I don't want to push it! Any helpful tips appreciated..

My weekly mileage last week was 15k. (6.5+4.2+4.3). If I did a twenty min run and another 30 min run this week it would roughly be 16k (9+3+4), two 30 mins probably 17k. Bit of a jump?

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That sounds a fine progression.

As to injury: if it hurts, don't run. If it doesn't, run.


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