I did it!

After posting this morning that snow was likely to put a stop to my running plans I managed to get out after all 😊

The snow had melted enough from the paths to mean I wasn't risking life and limb.

I can't believe I ran continuously for 3 minutes. Twice!

The second three minute run felt better than the first. I'm feeling really positive now for the next two runs of week 3.

4 Replies

  • Well done, sounds like your fitness, stamina and confidence are growing, keep going

  • Go you...snow put paid to my run... but glad you got out there... onwards and upwards!


  • Most impressed with all you guys braving our current weather conditions, if I could run at the mo I would definitely be on the treadmill

  • It's tough to get out there in this weather. Sounds like it is going really well

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