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The dreaded snow has arrived! I love snow and can't wait to go out to play with my little boy BUT I'm really disappointed that I can't run. I never thought I'd say that! Today was meant to be day one of week 3 and I'm worried that if the snow sticks around too long I'll have to repeat some Wk2 runs just to make sure I'm ready to move on πŸ˜•

It would be stupid to run in snow right?

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I was going out on a club run this morning, but with the snowfall decided it would be a tad slippy for me so didn't go and am using the stationery bike instead which can get boring. Anyway, the club run went ahead and good reports are coming in from it.

But being a newish runner I'm not used to running in these conditions. Maybe we could have run in these conditions, but why risk it! I think we made the right decision for today..


You can run in snow. It's hard work if it's accumulated, but that's when you give yourself a gold star for just showing up. Give it a try.

I did one of my runs with Laura in the snow. I stuck to an area where I knew there was grass underneath the snow. I think this makes it less slippy. If your only option is pavements then it may be a bit risky. Enjoy :)


This is my second time running the C25K programme, the last time I did there was a period of about three weeks when there was snow lying, sometimes freezing over and then being snowed on again. But if I didn't find a way to keep going I might have to restart at the beginning.

Getting to a park is the hardest bit - running on grass is fine so long as it's not steep. I drove there a couple of times when the surfaces were frozen, since the roads had been gritted. Obviously slow down and be aware of iced over puddles under the snow. It definitely helps if you know the route.

If the bottoms of your joggers get wet so do your legs so a pair of tights underneath helps. Apart from that you might find you shorten your stride and in fact it made me realise that I could land mid-foot!

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