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Week 6/Run 2

Week 6/Run 2

Hello everyone.

Well run 2 over and out. It was nice to run in 2 long blocks, rather than Monday's 2 stop starts. Looking forward to Friday's run now the big 25 mins! Do I go with Laura or set my own mp3 again?

last 2 runs I have ran in my new trainers, tonight felt a numb pain on my right calf area, not the muscle but the bone while do the warm down walk.

I am putting it down to new trainers and tiredness, hopefully all is well. Don't really want to pick up an injury this late into the program.

Like always have added stats reflecting my progress.

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Hi Saul, looking great running buddy!

I am going to go with Laura on Friday. I think I need her, not ready for running alone yet. You are nearly at 5K! That's so good, you have a great pace, well done! I'm a whole 2 minutes a km slower than you! I wouldn't be much good to run with you!!!!

What time are you venturing out tomorrow? I'm going to get out as near to 6pm as possible so I've got the rest of the evening to die!!!!! Haha!

Elsie xxx

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Hi Elsie,

My pace keeping is a bit weird. On the first km I give it that little bit more, basically to warm up!, the nights are getting colder, he says politely (think it's time to find a decent base layer) and then slow down for the next run. When I look at the stats after i'm running faster??

Hopefully I will run at a slower pace tomorrow, calf's are a bit sore today. Can't remember the last time they had this type of pounding! Certainly a wake up call for them.

Depending what time I get home from work, my run time is between 6.30-7.15. "Rest of the evening to die"? I bet you'll come back all excited and plan the next run.

Good luck for tomorrow and let me know how you get on.



Good luck Elsie and Saul I'm sure you will both be celebrating tomorrow night.

Rightly so. Hot chocolates all round...


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