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Stabbing incident

I was supposed to do W5R2 today but I've had to give it a miss due to a stabbing incident involving a red pepper and my finger :(

Spent 3 hours in A&E, an X-Ray and a bit of glue and they sent me on my way but I'm shattered this morning and don't want to risk opening up the wound again so will put it off for a day or 2.

I'll still clock up 4 miles walking in and home to work :\

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It's only a flesh wound soldier, grab yer rifle and get back on the battlefield!


Aw...the things some people do to put off a run....

Not really, think I would do the same. Take care and don't worry wk5r2 will still be there waiting for you to smash it..:)

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I think you may want to examine your running form if it is putting undue prssure on your fingers.


Plan is to get back out there tomorrow just need a reasonable nights sleep.


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