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W2 - Pulled Something!!!!!


Really wanted to start W2 yesterday but appear to have pulled something in the top of my leg. When I did W1 R2 and R3 I ran at a slightly faster pace although I did the warm up and cool down and even some additional exercises after the cool down period (stretching stuff!). However, where the top of my leg meets my bum cheek it is quite uncomfortable and painful when I try to do anything other than walking. This came on Saturday morning after Friday's W1 R3 and I thought it would have been ok by now but it's still pulling a bit today. So, my question is, do I start on W2 R1 tonight and just carry on through, do I start W2 R1 tonight at a slower speed or do I delay starting W2 until all symptoms are gone? I really wanted to progress further every week and aim to be able to run 5k continually by the first week in March and need to get into the habit of doing it regularly otherwise I'd have lost what I've already achieved?

Aaarrgghhhhh - I've also got a blinking cold and a dodgy ear - feeling proper sorry for myself!! x

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Try w2r1 very slowly and see how it goes, you may be able to go through it. Sometimes aches & pains just fade away with care, if not then you'll have to rest more. But you'll get some aches & pains which will fade as your body get used to running & adjusts accordingly.



As davelinks says, maybe just have a try at a gentle run.. you will know if it is something you cannot work through, I feel.

I had a dodgy heel early on in the programme, but with strengthening and flexing exercises, it seemed to just go... Don't risk injury, better to rest up if necessary and then carry on after a few days? :)

Thanks davelinks and Oldfloss for your help. I didn't want to lose what I've already done so I proceeded with caution and ran slower, taking smaller strides and although I could and still can feel that it doesn't feel right, it was fine and quite manageable. I'll do W2R2 on Wednesday and I'm not anticipating any problems. Thanks again x

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