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W5r2 - Amazed


I have just run for 8 minutes.... TWICE!!!! I am amazed. OK so I did it on a cross trainer, as I can't actually run due to a condition which makes my joints unstable, but I am still amazed I managed it, and it didn't feel too tough.

I'm very very overweight and if im honest I used my condition as an excuse not to exercise, but just been diagnosed with high blood pressure which has given me the kick I needed to get started.

I'm actually not dreading run 3 now, although it does seem a big leap up from 8 minutes.

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Brilliant! I have a friend who uses a cross trainer because of various problems, he says it's great! Well done on your progress, yes 8 mins does seem like a massive step up but Laura knows what's she doing and will see you through and if you don't finish it first time you will the next or soon after...xxx

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