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Wet start to week 2

I intended to do my first week 2 run last night but I got home late which meant I ate late which gave me the perfect excuse not to do it! Woke up this morning to howling wind and pouring rain but I went out regardless 😁 I knew if I put it off again I was risking giving up. It was nice to run in daylight and to use the park instead of sticking to the streets. I managed it all and felt great at the end. My only issue was a runny nose from how cold it was and soggy feet from unavoidable puddles. Nice hot shower after and I was starting my day in a high. Wish my week day schedule allowed for a morning run!

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Well done! I love morning runs the best too!

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It is so easy to put it off, well done you for getting out there and battling the elements. I have never managed a morning run but it is probably the best time to do it when the air is fresh - maybe a little too fresh today though, eh?

And the nose... couldn't run without my tissues but I am sure it is all for the good.

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Go you.... well done for getting out there.. If we waited for fine days to run in the UK, we would never get out!

As I have said in some earlier posts, when you are wet, you are wet, and the hot shower...bliss! :)

I think running later in the day is really commendable, if I did not do my run in the mornings, I am sure I would have given up...Brilliant! :)


Well done! I have had similar issues. Went out the other night and I was freezing. Even after my run, cold through to my bones. Realised it's because I am not wearing enough so I went and bought some long sleeved base layers and some fingerless gloves.

I cannot tell you how much of a difference it made when I went out last night all layered up!!


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