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My Running week(s)

Hi Everyone and a Happy New Year to you all.

My running has somewhat been curtailed by a chest infection. I had 2 weeks of holiday over the Christmas period and was looking forward to getting in some pretty good training for my triathlon. That all went to pot as I slowly succumbed to a cold and then man flu and a chest infection. Anyway I had already decided that I would run on Boxing day as I don't get Saturdays off normally so ran the Orpington Parkrun in a pretty dismal time of 31.01, at least dismal for me as I was hoping for a pb. In my defence I seemed to be working very hard and not getting anywhere, that was the cold playing its part, my heart rate told me at the end I shouldn't have really run it. More annoying than all of that was that I received a lovely brand spanking new pair of "proper" running shoes for Christmas and today was the first day that I have used them. I just went out for a gentle run this morning to see how I felt, which went ok. Monday is normally my long run but will just go out for a run and see how I go. I hope that you are all in good health and staying injury/sickness free. Until next week. TTFN.

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