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Week 1 run 2

Have to say I was dreading today's run. Currently battling a chest infection and my legs were still aching from run 1 so I assumed I would fail miserably - I couldn't have been more wrong! Once I got through the 5 minute warm-up I found the runs quite easy and enjoyable. Fingers crossed this continues!

Next run planned in for Sunday. Weather depending I might even adventure outside for a run in the local park. Hopefully it will help clear my head after tomorrow's night out!

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Glad you got out again. Sometimes it's difficult to find that spark to get up and out when you're suffering from previous runs or have colds etc so well done. Haha tomorrow might be different after a night out!


I know! You feel as if you have just scraped through a run and couldn't possible run for longer 2 days later but you can!


Well done Daniel. A run in the park will be fun and you will definately feel great afterwards.


well done still getting out there with a chest infection! take care of yourself


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