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Week 3 day 1-tough one

I knew this was going to be a tough one. Previously I've faltered when it comes to week 3.

My pace was alot slower than in week 2. I set off at about 6.30, while it was still dark and raining, and chose a straight out and back route. I paced myself during the first 3 minute run so that I could complete it. 90 seconds into the second 3 minute run I had to stop at a pedestrian crossing, and couldn't pick up my run straight away. I walked for about 30 seconds and 'ran' the last minute.

Pleased that i managed as much as i did - albeit at a snail pace. Will see how the remainder of the week goes before I move on to week 4.

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Just follow Laura and you'll be fine. Speed is not important. It's finishing that matters

Hang in there and finish this thing! It's a blast, it really is. Take care, don't overdo things and you'll Graduate in style

Good luck


Hi, don't worry if you have to stick on a 'week' for an extra couple of runs. I found I wanted to be competent at say 3 mins before moving on. It all helps build up your reserves. Also I didn't look to see what was in store for my next week until just before I was ready to go, as i liked the surprise and the challenge.

Slow is are doing great.

Well done and good luck completing week 3:)


Well done on getting out there again. As others are saying there's no harm in repeating a week you just need to take your time and you'll do it. I did all my runs on woodland tracks so don't have the hazards of pedestrian crossings but I think it would be difficult to stop/start in the way you had to when you're at the early stages of the programme. Keep at it though it will come.

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