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Podcasts same talking as app?

Hi guys need gals, I'm about to do w6d1 a day I've been using the app but with my own music, but as I've heard good things about the podcasts I've got them ready.

A question, is Laura's voice telling you the same thing as the app or is there more encouragement? If it's the same I will stick with my own music but with the app in the background.

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I discovered that the app is identical to the podcast without the music so anybody wanting their own music it's not a problem run the app in the background.


You should be listening to Laura or you'll miss her pearls of wisdom. Save your own music for later

You don't wanna miss Julie!


you don't miss Laura with the app you just get to play your own music and she cuts in over it with times and encouragement and tips. couldn't have done it without Laura and my own choice of music!


Seeing this thread I now realise that you must download the podcasts. I thought my app was broken as I could only select my own music :) If there's nothing special about the podcasts I won't worry about them then


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